Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Talent Envy

Today, this is what I see if I look up. Every once in awhile we get to the North Shore of Lake Superior where a friend owns a cabin on the rocky shore. The waves have been high all night, pounding, thumping into caverns, throwing icy spray across the cliffs. It’s quiet. At least to my way of thinking -- no urban sounds. Denis is no distraction, he’s absorbed in writing for the next issue of Critique, and grading papers for a recent class he taught at the seminary. So I have no excuse not to concentrate on my writing. In preparation for this day and the few days to come a portion of a prayer stays with me: “…from thinking lightly of the one talent thou hast given me, because thou hast not given me five or ten: O God, set me free.” A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie.


jason said...

If you end up near Two Harbors, you should check out the New Scenic Cafe. They have wonderful food and a great atmosphere.

Travis said...

I would argue fiercely with you that you indeed have more than one talent, but even the one you claim and think lightly of has blessed me far more than you will ever know.

We miss you guys.

Ransom Fellowship said...
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Ransom Fellowship said...

Trav, you are a good, kind friend. And did I say I like your latest tattoo? Hope you get to take some time to enjoy the Tazzes while in AZ.
Jason, Scenic Cafe is a great place, we were there once. If only we passed by again when hungry. Or indulgent. It's been so nice to hear from you, you were a lovely touch of spirituality in the lives of one of our kids a long time ago.