Saturday, April 26, 2008

Watching Last Week

There was a robin huddled near my back doorstep. I think it was sick or depressed cuz I got this close to it.
In Zimbabwe, Mugabee continues to off his own people. Now it includes children and babies.
We’ve been getting updates on little Jace, just a month old, going from hospital to hospice at home, the only home he’ll know in this life because he has Trisomy 18 and isn’t expected to live long.

We live in tension, knowing these exist while we eat broccoli cheese soup with friends (thanks, Kelly) and sleep under polartec while the cold wind howls out there. (And it really did blow this week. Only yesterday another foot of snow fell in northern Minnesota.) There are comforts I love and celebrations that are so fine. But, I often grip the sides of life, asking what it means to be faithful wherever we turn up in life. How to be here or there, and do it well. One thing is sure, some of us need to remember what this little song by Katy Bowser is about -- The Weight of the World. Only Jesus can carry it -- it’s unbearable for us. Thanks to tech, the burden of knowing is heavier than ever. But think of it, while peoples in some other parts of the world had to have been killing one another and sacrificing their children to whatever gods, Jesus went to a wedding and made wine. I need to remember he did this on his way to the cross.


domandkat said...


I'm from Trinity Pres. in Norfolk and when I read this entry I just have to refer you to a blog by one of our families at church who just recently have gone through Trisomy 18 with their third child. Read their blog with plenty of tissue, but it is the most beautiful testimony of suffering I have read. Here's the link:

jenni said...

An excellent post, very true, and I love that Katy song (and Katy).

Ransom Fellowship said...

I did look. How to bear such beauty and pain together? Thanks for link.

jenni, me, too.