Saturday, April 12, 2008

If You Are Moving

Last week the NYT told what $500,000 would get us in housing.

Providence, R.I. 6 Bedrooms. 4 Bathrooms. Sq. ft.: 5,010.
Happy Valley, OR. 4 Bedrooms. 3.5 Bathrooms. Sq. ft.: 3,700.
San Diego, CA. 2 Bedrooms. 2.5 Bathrooms. Sq. ft.: 1,475
Paris, France. 2 Bedrooms. 1 Bathrooms. Sq. ft.: 740.
Brooklyn, NY. 0 Bedrooms. 1 Bathroom. Sq. ft.: 700.

What this tells me:
You don't sleep in Brooklyn.
Most Americans bathe alone.
We could probably afford a home in Koochiching County, MN. (see above)


alissa wilkinson said...

I just have to say, as a Brooklynite who just moved into one of those "0 bedroom, 1 bathroom" places, is that what they mean is that it's a studio, and it's often quite roomy (by New York standards!).

Travis said...

margie... i thought i asked you not to put the picture of my dream home on the internet! now everyone is gonna outbid me. dang it!

Ransom Fellowship said...

Nope. It's in the bag. And we get the upstairs bedroom, just like we agreed. mlh

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are moving to is painful.

Brian said...

Just finally read the newest edition of Notes and thought I should catch up here (at least add you to my reader!). I am in the throws of the Brooklyn hunt and I must say, it more overwhelming than I thought it would be. No, complicated is the word. And I must sleep because I have these 2 little children who I cannot abide without it!

Jessie said...

That last comment by Brian was actually me, Jessie :)

didn't realize I was signed as him...