Friday, September 3, 2010

Wasted Time

This just out according to a recent survey: male drivers average 276 miles of driving while lost per year. This is because they don’t like to ask for directions or can’t admit they’re lost. Over a life time that costs something like $3,000 in gas money.

I don’t get this.
But it would explain why when we can’t find El Carumbas, I, not my husband, am the one to jump out of the car to ask directions from a pedestrian or insist we pull through a drive-up and buy fries (to make it legitimate) so I can ask directions. I don’t know why it is so difficult to say: “I’m lost. Can you help me?” As opposed to driving around aimlessly?

I also learned from experience that people under 25 usually know the way to the nearest coffee shop, but have no idea how to get back on the interstate. I’m quite sure that the money we spent on McD’s hash browns (purchased to sos not to make them hate me) saved us to justify the GPS we now own.

And if you think of the savings in terms of other items and services you’ll no longer need like maps and marriage counseling, Serena, (our GPS) was worth far more than what we paid for her.
So if you’re headed out of town on this holiday weekend, I think you still have time to run out and purchase a GPS before the stores close. It’ll be worth it and you’ll thank me.


Anonymous said...

God uses Garmin to alleviate the effects of the fall once again...Love this post!!!

On the way home from a vacation, we expressed similar sentiments about our GPS...and wished we had her on board the last time we attempted to navigate new territory and sibling rivalry for a week of touring and camping(tight quarters with both teens and toddlers in tow--use your imagination...

wheresurtreasure said...

PS Not to mention she never says "I told you so," Nor does her voice inflection change to reflect mounting tension and frustration. She just keeps patiently saying "re-routing" in that steady, almost hopeful(by comparison to my voice and the voices in my own head when I am driving alone :-)--A good GPS should be top priority on every bridal registry!!!

kate o. said...

the standard pseudo-british voice on my dad's gps was a bit unsettling to me so i bought him the homer simpson voice.

and did you know you can even buy a burt reynolds voice. creepy. why on earth would i want him giving me directions? ;)