Monday, August 30, 2010

Falling Down

                                            Denis and our youngest granddaughter, Ava.

Two nights ago Denis fell down. I don’t remember the last time he fell down. The problem with being married to me is that it’s now public. When it happened he says he lay there a minute calling, but I didn’t hear because I was running the kitchen faucet. When he stumbled in with blood running down his face, scrapes on his palms and knees, he looked deathly. If I had ran out seen him pitched face down on the sidewalk, his computer sliding to the steps, there might have been two casualties.

My first cry, WHAT HAPPENED, followed by WHAT were you doing outside in the dark with your computer? Silence. (My first clue that he was going to stonewall, but I niggled it out.) He’d forgotten to send an email and internet was down, (Again!) but if we walk to the end of our driveway we can pick up a signal from a hotel a block away. That’s what he was doing, even tho it coulda waited until morning. On the way back to the porch he twisted his ankle when he accidentally stepped off  the sidewalk and rather than save himself he tried to protect his computer. It was mostly painful scrapes and a very bruised hand. (Didn’t prevent awesome scratches to his computer which now makes mine look nearly invisible.) But HUGE scare. Good grief. Our first thoughts were what if he couldn’t get to St. Louis where he is defending his capstone project this afternoon.

It’s happening in a few minutes because we’re here and he’s mostly okay, tho a little nervous. His computer survived the fall so powerpoint still works. His eye is swollen and his right hand is twice normal size and hurts, so he can’t shake hands. If he did he’d fall to his knees, which for some profs somewhere, might misinterpret, but not here, they're a humble bunch. So they’ll probably hug him.

His topic is ordinary Christians being faithful in an alien and increasingly pluralistic society. Grossly oversimplified, but very much his calling and emphasis since I’ve first known him. So he's here, today, being faithful himself, even though a lot of life is about falling down. I fall down enough (literally and otherwise) and why does that make me feel stupid and old? It shouldn't, but it’s kind of nice to have my spouse down here with me. I look forward to celebrating this event tonight when it’s all over.


Anonymous said...

I say, if you're not falling down (or spilling paint), your not being productive! Celebrate well tonight. Can't wait to hear how the presentation went.

Greg Pitchford

Micah said...

Poor guy. Glad he has a wife like you to turn it into a blog post for all of us. Hope it went well this afternoon!

* said...

Glad that Denis is okay.

In hearing you are in STL, we have several requests:

1) Burger at Blueberry Hill with that cheddar cheese and those spicier fries.

2) Tapas and sangria at Barcelona. I like the steak with blue cheese.

3) Lots and lots of ice cream.

Thank you.

Jane and Professor from Johannesburg.

Greg said...

Has he considered a walker? I hear they can be a big help for old people with balance problems.

Margie Haack said...

Micah, yes, isn't he blessed?
Jane and Prof. Never been there, but will definitely try. Maybe for lunch. Miss you.
Greg, maybe it's time for you to come and spill more paint.

Margie Haack said...

Ooooo, Greg. That day may come for you, too.