Friday, September 17, 2010

You knew this would happen

This back door needed a new coat and I like a little raspberry with “Scandinavian Sky” (who gets hired to name paint colors?) the blue-gray color of our house, but perhaps I should stick to writing. Much easier to delete accidents.

Also noteworthy: scooping up spilled paint with a slotted pancake turner is not efficient. Or smart.


Jill said...

ohhh Aunt Margie! All I can say is it must run in the family! I spilled my gallon of stain down MYSELF from up high on a ladder last summer- thankfully I was outside.

How do we make ourselves such messes!

The door is awesome- love the color!

Mine would be red in a heart beat- but someone else that lives here tells me it's already been painted.;) He just might be surprised someday!

Margie Haack said...

Jill, how I lu-uve company in misery. I think red would be a great surprise. Do it! Just be careful when applying.

Anonymous said...

Now it matches where I spilled the paint on the carpet! Toad Hall is a colorful place. Let me know when your ready to spill more paint. I need a Toad Hall fix!

Greg Pitchford

Margie Haack said...

Yeah. I thought of you. If you are serious about spreading it around - I sense a growing need... but it may take awhile to froo-it.

Kerri said...

The raspberry looks beautiful--especially with the mums(?) by the back door.

I laughed aloud at the slotted spatula. :)

Stephie said...

I always manage to cover myself and occasionally my dog with paint whenever I am doing a project. I think you get an A for effort on the pancake turner!

Margie Haack said...

Hey Steph. Thanks for the "A."
An "F" for problem solving.

podso said...

The raspberry color is super and looks great with the house color--and the flowers. Such a pretty foto. But wondering what you did with the raspberry floor. And thought of you when I heard about the floods.

Wanted to write you after Toad arrived. Once again it was "right on" and blessed and touched me! Thank you.