Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Pessimist's Daily Calendar

This  past Christmas I gave Denis The Pessimist Daily Calendar an almanac of gloom and woe, thinking it might cheer him up each day. Today he shared this nod toward improving my vocabulary.

Wednesday, February 13
Banausic (adj.)
Uninspired, ordinary, or utilitarian, rather than being imaginative.

After rereading the poems, I had to admit that she was right – they were embarrassingly banausic and trite. I still think it was kind of a harsh thing for my first-grade teacher to tell me, though.

My Puppy Pete
My puppy Pete is my very best friend
And he’ll stay that way ‘til the bitter end-
Which Mommy said is coming soon,
“His train to Heaven leaves Friday at noon.”

Thursday, February 14
“I lied about Pete, son. We put him to sleep because he peed on my fur. So don’t write any more awful poems about him. Yes, I lied about Dog Heaven, too.”
            - My Mom, That Saturday

Jamaica, my long-gone (in Dog Heaven, I hope) all-time, puppy fave.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. Hope someone who loves you brings you a new puppy or if not, then chocolates and a warm hug. Hey, I’d take chocolate from someone who doesn’t love me.


Anita said...

Jamaica is so cute. I can't stand it.

dearfcb said...

Adorable little dog. Beautiful pic. Yes, free chocolate from someone who may even hate you is a "Gimme-gimme!" for me too.