Monday, August 29, 2011

Honeysuckle with child?

                                                       Honeysuckle eats her prenatal vitamins

Last weekend Honeysuckle met a gentle young buck and this may change her life, catapulting her into motherhood. She had steadfastly refused the advances of any other male, but this handsome fellow was irresistible. So rather than being punished for her naughty escape and being sent to bunny camp while we were away for the weekend, she was rewarded with a honeymoon. He is a soft fawn color, so if it truly “took” she could cast a multi-colored litter of baby bunnies in about three weeks. We’ll see. Earlier this summer she tricked us into thinking she was pregnant, but this time consummation was witnessed. We think she’s a little tired, off her feed, not up to her usual hoppy self – first trimester fatigue? Anita is hopeful. Female rabbits can be very good mothers, but it’s not guaranteed, especially with a first litter. They can deliver them on the hutch floor instead of the nesting box, leaving them to chill and die. They can ignore them altogether. Or if startled by a stranger they may even eat a few. Yes. Not a Mother Dearest. If Honeysuckle is successful, they will be for sale to special persons whose credit history, spiritual maturity, and pet ownership standards must first be scrutinized and then accepted. We will keep you posted.


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I'm glad we will learn very soon :). And what darling pictures there will be!