Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Grief that never comes to sobbing

It’s weird to think you must apologize for not blogging, but that’s what crossed my mind today and it makes me wonder why I should add this to my pantry of things purposed and failed. I’ve thought of postings that could have happened, like a photo of the huge marijuana plant that volunteered in our front yard. I left it there as a joke until I began to think of what ifs – what if law enforcement came by to question me, what if a passerby noticed and drew conclusions, what if I was tempted to harvest it? So I plucked it and held it up while Denis took a pic – it reached my nose – then I threw it in the compost. There are a collection of sound videos from Heartbeet Farm. One features the pigs talking. I wish I could write swinish dialogue for it, but am not that clever. I’ll post it soon and you can imagine your own.

I’m still slowly reading a book called The Enigma of Anger by Garret Keizer. If you receive Notes From Toad Hall you may be tired of my mentioning, but get used to it or go away because I’m not done yet. (Oh. Is that hostility? I make myself laugh.) There is so much that can be said about the topic and Keizer approaches the subject from many angles. He has some interesting and helpful insights, (though not all are equally so) and I was reminded of one yesterday when a pastor friend, Steve F. from New York, sent me a few of his favorite quotes from the book.

Here’s one that seemed significant and true to both of us, from our own and others’ lives we’ve observed:

“Many of our angry outbursts are the result of grief that never comes to sobbing.” p.113

As Steve says, “What will bring our griefs to sobbing? Perhaps when those who have wept already will weep with us, a flow of grace washes away the anger. And having wept our griefs, perhaps we may have the joy of that grace flowing into the lives of others. ‘Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.’ (Isaiah 53:4)”

Yes. I believe he has. 


bobw said...

thanks for sharing that. our life is upside-down right now and we find ourselves very easily angered. praying for peace and forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, Margie...

“Many of our angry outbursts are the result of grief that never comes to sobbing.” p.113

Well said.

sandy said...

That was so true about the angry young gang members I've worked with. Most had very sad, grief-filled lives but never allowed themselves to "feel the sadness". It was just covered over with anger. Interesting post. Thanks!

I just found your blog here through your interest in the bannister. : ) I'll be following along now.

joie said...

I really like the way he puts that,..."grief that never comes to sobbing." I choreographed a piece that was inspired by the film Bleu directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski. When I watched the film all I could think of was the verse "blessed are those who mourn." I was told once that undealt with grief is the most damaging of emotions. I can see the truth in that and yet I feel it can be the hardest to "deal" with because it often eludes us.

Margie Haack said...

Joie, I had forgotten how much Blue is about grief and mourning. Would have loved to see your piece based on it.