Monday, June 27, 2011

Honeysuckle tricked us

I know you people. You only check back here to see if I've posted something about Honeysuckle. Do you want to hear about good literature or gardening or how you should pray without ceasing? No. You want to hear about a bunny. So okay. You should know she isn't so great and we are currently deeply disappointed in her. We thought perhaps, maybe, after all, despite rejecting five handsome bucks, she was going to throw a litter. Perhaps, we thought, there was a secret love affair no one witnessed. Back home she was amazingly weird, possibly even matronly - refusing to use her litter box, dragging ribbons (one we'd accidentally left on the porch) into it,  stuffing it with rags. When she was in the kitchen for her little visits she grabbed dish towels, cloths, a throw rug about three times her size and dragged them into the little half-bath, pushed them behind the toilet trying to make a nest. She seemed desperate. She was going to have babies and needed to be ready. We gently kneaded her belly, certain we could even feel them wiggling around. Her ten little breasties perked up. WE WERE SO CERTAIN, we changed our life and cancelled invitations just to be around at exactly 31 days and a few days beyond. (Rabbit gestation takes a month. Females rabbits are reflexive ovulators, which means ovulating only begins after mating. About ten to be exact. They can have anywhere from 4 to 12 babies. Now you understand the "they breed like rabbits" saying. Exactly.)

We waited days beyond any possibility. Hoping. But, no. What a disappointment.
[Oh, that urh, urh, urh sound is the sink drain gurgling, not someone chuckling.]


Travels said...

You are right. I confess I have even taken non-internet types to visit this blog to see pictures of the adorable and beguiling Honeysuckle. So sorry that she didn't reproduce - defeating all stereotypes. You'll have to keep inviting those bucks over and maybe ease up on the chaperoning.

surviving Planet Art. said...

well. I think that a bittersweet and profound metaphor for life was tucked away under all that talk about a fluffy bunny. I know when I want something really badly in life I get the vision and prepare, "nest" in order to "labor" and "give birth to" it, just like fluffy bunny. Psychosomatic effects on my own body are often symptomatic, depending on how bad I want it. Neat every little [fluffy] thing in life can teach you about the will of God.

I liked it:) It was timely to me.