Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We’ve been in Chicago area the last six days taking care of the Great Aunt, 87, while Marsena & Jeff get away for a vacation. Way away – to the Florida Keys. Jeff was looking forward to driving the Seven Mile Bridge. Marsena – lying on the beach and reading 50 pounds of books which when Jeff questioned amount of while packing she threw in two more.

I’ve been trying to write Notes from Toad Hall between reruns of Law & Order and trips to The Kelsey Road House for fish & chips where when we walk in, the Aunt jauntily swings her cane, which she refused to bring until Denis threatened her, and she is greeted by all the barmaids who recognize her and yell, The Usual? which causes her to blush because of her very fundamentalist background and while it still seems sinful to enjoy a white zinfandel, until the first bracing sip when she reminds us, oh, that’s right I’m a Presbyterian now, ha. After I ate half my meal, which causes her to frown, I order a cappuccino ice cream truffle and ask if she wants to share. NO. I HATE CAPPUCCINO. What is it anyway? Well, I don’t like it and I won’t have one bite. It comes and she tries a bite. You’ve had this before, I say. No, I haven’t. Yes, you have and last time you ate almost all mine and tried to get me to order another so you could snarf that one down, too. I DID NOT, she says. She does the same thing again. Which is just O.K. with me.


Richter said...


I love stories about funny old people.

Can't wait to write one about Denis when he's 87...just think how hilareous he will be!!! ;)

Ransom Fellowship said...

hey, richter, there will be no waiting until you are 87. head.

Ron said...

Awesome... Reminds me of my grandfather when he reached his mid-80s. We could hardly get him to eat and were getting worried about him - until we took him out to Tippins for dessert and coffee one night. When we walked in several of the waitresses immediately shouted out "Hi Gordy - ready for some pie?" Grandpa blushed for two reasons, 1) we discovered that this very dignified man was actually allowing several young ladies to call him "Gordy" which we could hardly believe, and 2)we had discovered his secret, he'd been heading out to Tippins on a very regular basis for pie.