Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oy vey

1. So someone told me something someone else said, and I shunta listened. It was a little remark about something I had done. It wasn't flattering. Not a big deal, mind, but I gnawed it for hours.

2. A guy is working on replacing a flat roof area outside my office. I ordered a construction dumpster and posted no parking signs on boulevard so it and the roofer would have a place to park themselves. Spaces are scarce here. Why does the city allow parking 24-7? I should be privileged.

3. Denis hears an echoy ka-thang early in the morning – the sound of something being dumped in our dumpster when no workmen are on the job yet. It’s a little kid about yay high swinging his backpack by the tail, randomly uprooting our signs, and tossing them in dumpster. Denis leans out window and yells, HEY! And the kid says, WHAT! I ain’t doin nuthin.

4. I pull on shirt, jeans, fetch signs, replace, but not speedily enough. Someone parks, locks, and leaves car. I thought of book title: Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. Ha. I have a flat head axe in my hand. (For re-pounding in the signs! What?!) Okay, I did brandish it at person’s disappearing back.

5. Inside with cup of coffee, I settle down to read daily portion of scripture which includes: “Do not take to heart all the things that people say… your heart knows that many times you yourself have cursed others.” (Eccl.7:21)


Travis said...

#5 - That one hits home with me every time. And I mean "hits" like a sledge hammer upon the bridge of my nose.

Travis said...

#5 hit's home with me. And by "hits" I mean like a sledgehammer to the middle of my face.

Hope all is well my friend.

jenni said...

Wow, I "love" days like that. And, I ought to have that verse tattooed on my arm (I'm rather sensitive sometimes).

Ransom Fellowship said...

Having trouble posting comments.

podso said...

Good to see you hear, Margie. I just got your Toad Hall. Will be good to read from you more often!