Thursday, April 9, 2015

Look at the moon!

Creation can shine on a chill and dreary day – which is the kind of day it is today. It always surprises me how effortlessly it tosses us bits of excessive wonder. I love imagining how ever in the world could God come up with so many things that radiate light into our lives. I’ve pondered Jupiter this month as it glows next to the moon in the month of April. I’ve said it so many times and why is it that you probably do too? We say, “Look at the moon!” as if we’ve never seen it before? Today I’ve watched chickadees arc to the feeder at a hundred miles per hour and land delicately as a ballerina on a teeny perch. Last night we flash grilled marinated beef on skewers – my version of sate and it tasted killer good. We wonder how two fallen, scratchy people, image bearers of God, can stay together long enough to be old fogies and even laugh about it. And why are bunnies so stinkin’ cute when they eat carrot peels? 
And right now, this minute, if I stepped out and opened my mouth to the sky I’d probably choke to death because a rare spring snow is falling in beautiful enormous chunks. 
 In the words of David Clowney’s hymn, I believe:

God, all nature sings Thy glory, and Thy works proclaim Thy might;
Ordered vastness in the heavens, ordered course of day and night;
Beauty in the changing seasons, beauty in the storming sea;
All the changing moods of nature praise the changeless Trinity.

Even I, flawed as I am, proclaim his might and beauty. 


Amy E said...

My mom and I were just talking about the crazy weather this week - or perhaps I should say wondrous. I'm not sure what you received where you live, but here in central Iowa we got this week thunder and hail, snow, freezing temps, 70 degrees, dark brooding foggy skies, clear blue sunny skies, gale-force winds, utter get the picture. So grateful for birdsong and green grass finally!

I am always exclaiming at the moon. And the stars. Psalm 19:1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."

Blessings this week.

liz said...

I've never heard that hymn, but you'd better believe it will be on repeat all day at our house tomorrow. I love hymns that point to nature as a lens through which to see God so clearly.
The thankfulness and wonder of this post was just what I needed to read today.