Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Children who love

Children have often been a source of light for me. I have admired their sense of purpose, their kindnesses, their creative ways of coping with life and their wonderful senses of humor. I know there are countless similar acts out there among you.

A few that have touched me this past week:

Ezra, 5, whose ankles and knees were aching the other night. As his mom massaged his legs, she explained he was having growing pains and they should pray to ask God to help him with the pain, he paused in his tears and said, "ok, let's pray for Margie too cause her ankles hurt too." He also sent me a “get well” card. Thank you Ezra!
Various hospital & doctoring illustrations by Ezra
Kaiden, our 12 year old grandson, told his twin brother, “No, you go first, you’re older.”

Ava Lou, 5, brought her mom two sealed envelopes to mail to us, her grandparents. About the same time, her dad noticed his stash of quarters was missing. On questioning likely culprits, Ava began to cry. She had taken them to send to us because, in anticipation of seeing us this weekend in Fargo at the hockey tournament*, she wanted us to have money we could give her for treats. (It’s our habit to buy them treats and she was trying to generously help with the cost! NOT steal the money from her dad.)

Granddaughter Isobel, 9: “It is important and good to say ‘thank you’ for the presents you send. I love the earrings with cuffs and the nail polish and jeans. Thank you.” (She hardly ever uses contractions.)

And finally, this from our son when he was five. It recently made its way back to the refrigerator door.

Self-correcting Priorities
 “God’s kingdom is made up of people like these” Mt. 19:14. (The Message)  So thankful to be part of this great troop of children. What privileges we share! What joys and sorrows!

*Sadly, after all, we will not be able to join our family for Anson’s hockey tournament in Fargo this weekend. My back went out. When it takes you twenty minutes to get to the bathroom and back? You’re in trouble. I guess from horsing my kneeler around and shifting to crutches and walking boot. Whatever. Trying again to be “spiritually philosophical” about things out of one’s control. 

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any children acts of kindness encounters you'd like to share. Send them to me.


liz said...

Moo. Mom. God.
That is all kinds of wonderful.
My moment recently was this:
Since Elsa's arrival, her cries have mostly elicited angry cries of "noooooo!" from Owen. It's something we've worked on and worked on with him. The other day, I was trying to get all three of us out of the house, and Elsa, per usual, was crying due to her many layers of winter apparel. I asked Owen if he would go and talk to her to try to calm her down, and I overheard him in his sing-songiest of voices saying, "It's okay, Elsa. Think about happy things. Think about what God made. Like the sky and skid steers and tractors."
Happy sigh.

Margie Haack said...

Liz, that is precious. It's been a tough winter for you. Moments like this catch us and lift our hearts so high - we almost forget about the whining, crying, vomiting.

S.DeAnn Harris said...

I love what my young grandson said in the early morning when I stayed overnight with them... He rushed into the breakfast room and cheerfully announced, "the sky is awake!" Indeed...and there are such glorious mornings I'm very glad for that and for his fresh perspective.