Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Golden Fall

Looking down the front sidewalk
I walked through the front yard this morning to stand among the leaves. If it’s quiet you can hear them faintly whispering as they drift to the ground. I wanted to capture them spinning, slowly falling, but couldn’t. By the end of today there will be a completed golden carpet on the lawn and sidewalk. They will be gone in a few days. Mulched by the mower or blown to the neighbor’s. I love fall. I wish these days lasted longer. My great treat early in the morning, before anyone else in our house rises, is to wrap up, pretend I don’t have my pajamas on under my coat and sneak down to Caribou, lining up with all the medical folks getting ready for early rounds, and I order a soy latte. Back home, I sit by a window and read and watch the day begin.
CSA members picked up on our front porch.
 CSA is over for the season. The sign down. The boxes going into storage. I already miss the weekly box of vegetables from HeartBeet Farm. Each time the box comes, we open it like it is Christmas. Golden squash, huge, sweet red radishes, bright carrots, red potatoes, ripened red peppers, kale and more kale. It didn’t get old. Nor does it get old supporting these young friends who work hard to bring people the produce of their gardens. It was a pleasure to be their drop-off point for 26 members, who stopped by every Wednesday afternoon to pick up their boxes. We’ll be doing it again next year.
You can see the sprinkler going, one last good drink before winter.
Mornings are especially cold this week. But I like that. Denis is waiting until Thursday to turn on the furnace, since the high that day is only supposed to be 48 degrees. This morning the moon was almost full and still up in the western sky when the sun rose. There will be bleak days ahead, but for now I’m enjoying the glory of fall, and I hope you can, too.


Sandy said...

We have recently moved from NE China where we went almost directly from summer into deep winter. We are now in the Pacific Northwest where Fall is just beginning in all it's loveliness. Blue skies, brilliant colors...it's the most lovely time of year!

Anonymous said...

I concur; fall is my favorite. Love your pics, Margie.

Denis Haack said...

This has been an especially colorful fall, and the beauty has been overwhelming. The colors you chose to paint Toad Hall make it wonderfully expressive surrounded by autumn colors.