Saturday, September 8, 2012

Honeysuckle's revenge

Naughty bunny.
      This morning Anita’s Honeysuckle jumped the three steps down and over the dirty laundry basket barrier and into Anita's studio. In a matter of seconds she nipped a Mac power cord into six pieces. It was plugged into the wall at the time. Rabbits love live cords. I don’t think there’s been actual research on this, but it is a phenomenon common to lagomorphs, they seem to love the tingly jolt of live wires. You can give them a special extension cord for their chewing pleasure (which we HAVE done: on the floor, in the hutch) and they will ignore it, but plug it in and they are right there ready with their incisors. We do know this, which is why she is banned from spaces with cords on the floor.
     The last Mac cord Denis repaired caught on fire, a little bit. Maybe safer to buy a new one?

     Pets and babies. Babies and pets. They create a lot of expensive shenanigans and we (especially grandparents) happily afford them. 


Margie Haack said...

We've decided Honeysuckle would make a good electrician's assistant. She could clip wires without even shutting off the power.

Natsukashii desu ne said...
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Natsukashii desu ne said... Perhaps this company could make a cord in kevlar woven with tungsten fibers for added reinforcement?