Saturday, August 18, 2012

Putting it away

Shredded cabbage, salt, natural fermentation, glass jars equals sauerkraut
As I begin today I am keeping in mind that tomorrow is Sunday and it needs to be a day of rest for me. It isn't as much obligation as necessity. I am tired. When I say this, I am aware that some schedules don’t allow Sunday to be that day for you. I understand. It often doesn't work for me either.
Today there are some letters that must be written. A bill to pay. A chair that is being taken apart to be recovered. It is in an ugly state of undress right now with many, many more staples to wrench out of the wood frame before a new fabric can be put on. I must make several phone calls I’ve been putting off. I have a large bowl of shredded cabbage that has been working overnight. Today it needs to be put in sterilized jars to become sauerkraut. Most urgent of all there is a box of perfectly ripe Colorado peaches (the best I’ve tasted in years!) that need to be dealt with. They can’t wait. So peach jam. Peach/Hot pepper jelly. Frozen peaches for smoothies. A peach cobbler for supper.

But tomorrow, I’m putting all that away from my hands and mind. I will be attending church, napping, reading a book, going for a walk, and snacking from the refrigerator and pantry.

Ruth Haley Barton puts it well, “The first order of things is that we are the creatures and God is the Creator.  God is the only one who is infinite.  I am finite, which means that I live within physical limits of time and space and bodily limits of strength and energy.  There are limits to my capacities….I am not God.  God is the One who can be all things to all people.  God is the One who can be in two places at once.  God is the One who never sleeps.  I am not.”


Stephanie said...

I love this, Margie. I have been thinking along the same lines. Not a legalistic rule. But we have to rest sometime. God knew that.

Actually on my blog I have been looking at 5 "disciplines of the heart" outlined by Michael Hyatt to keep life healthy and in balance. August has been rest and Sabbath is my topic for next week.

I rarely comment but I love what you write. It's so refreshing to me. Thank you.

deborah said...

I'm making peach jam today too!! My peaches are from SC. I love that, unlike with so much of my work, there is actually something to "see" when I finish-a line of glistening jars. Work well, and enjoy your Sabbath.