Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birds need air conditioning too

Anita reaching for the nest
A purple finch has made a nest in a clay pot liner sitting up in the corner of our front porch. She lined it with wool from the small hanging bunches on our clothes line (placed there for that purpose) and laid six tiny pastel green eggs.
Purple finch nest
It seems that in the past few days rather than incubating, she is air-conditioning them as she crouches, her beak open, her wings slightly spread, fanning them in the shimmering heat. I wonder if they will make it.
Five minty-green little eggs, each no larger than my thumbnail
 We are making it. Everyday I’m thankful for conditioned air. Last week before the oncoming spread of red heat, Denis purchased a portable unit for the main floor which is minus cooled air. It invites me downstairs as opposed to sitting under the vent in my 2nd floor office. It makes the kitchen bearable. Yesterday, I even used the oven to make Boston baked beans.

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