Monday, May 14, 2012

The way of poppies

      It is the nature of poppies to be fleeting. Here for a few hours, day or two perhaps, then, gone.
For that reason I didn't used to like them. Wasteful, I thought. Now perhaps I'm wiser? Last year we allowed three poppies. This year, so far, I counted seventeen. When you see a miniature orange volcano pressing through the swelling green bud, it's about to burst.

                     Two days ago there were two, now there are five. The weather has been perfect for them, but still, they will not last long. So I go out to look at them several times a day to watch their blazing careers. They nest among the black iris - which is only called black. It is more a very dark purple.

Their petals are so delicate the slightest rain or windy weather carries them away.

     When the sun is directly on them, they are almost too bright to look at. But I do. I am filled with both joy and sadness. Our lives - on a stem.


Dan and Lynn said...

I love them too only mine are the most wonderful salmon color imaginable... they have't bloomed yet but I am totally obsessed with them then they show up.... kind of a purple sort of center.... they are unreal. I share your passion and always take a ton of pictures of them. Enjoy!

Margie Haack said...

Lynn, thanks for comment. I would love to see yours. Salmon is a very favorite color. I know some would argue not so, but to me,poppies are a small, bright evidence of the existence of God. I think many theologians would agree.

joie said...

I love Poppies! They are exquisite. I love your insights about such beautiful burst of color. I am thankful they are apart of our world!!! And I am thankful that you take time to write about such things.