Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going south

Slept unscathed in a tornado alley last night. (Southern Illinois) At 4 am the sirens sounded and we learned there were tornados in the area. You know how I love weather and consider it an important topic of conversation. I was almost as hysterically happy as local meteorologists. To go from snow flying in Minnesota to mid-Missouri where insects began ing our windshield to Marion, Il where we could hear bird song and peepers in the pond out back. Head-jerking.
I am headed to our daughter and family in Chattanooga. Anita is helping drive because Denis couldn’t come. Okay. Honestly? She’s driving, I’m playing the dashboard.

Denis had to cancel lectures for this coming weekend at CCS and the Paidiea conference as he fell – I don’t want to say hopelessly, though it  can feel that way – behind. Cancelling engagements is not good news for them or us. But last week his dad was in the hospital in Mpls and his mom is also having serious health problems. Denis made five trips up and back, and expects to make more. They don’t have any assistance or plans to get it, so navigating these shores is difficult. This would not surprise those of you who’ve helped parents through this stage of life. Crises happen and they don’t check your calendar first. (That sounded trite.)

We hope some lessons are not lost on us. We are taking notes and saying to one another: WRITE THIS DOWN: Children! Before I become a dangerous driver, cut my license in half and hide my keys. Do not listen to my howls.  … and many other such-like things.

We thought one of us should still make the trip to Chattanooga since some little people hadn’t seen us in a long time and were hoping white-haired grandma and no-haired grandpa were coming. It’s hard to go without Denis; he feels very sad not to see them. But Anita is a wonderful traveling friend. We’re highly entertained by lots of things, like Kentucky dams and bar-b-q and country western radio. Just heard someone sing he wanted  “faster horses, younger wimen, older whiskey and more money.”  What a family man!

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