Friday, November 4, 2011

Honeysuckle - hungry mother eats a cracker

Honeysuckle took awhile to accept motherhood, but now she is doing great. However, just like any mother of multiples, she needs frequent breaks in the chill of the back porch and indulgences like apple slices, carrot tops, AND occasionally one of my special crackers for which she is so greedy she becomes a galloping white nightmare, chasing you around the kitchen.
Watch her eat her snack here:

I thought you might also like to see her nest with the babies in it. It is all soft and fluffy and lined with her own wool.  As all mother rabbits will do, she pretends they don't exist and rarely feeds them in front of us. Yet we can tell she's been nursing because the babies have transparent round bellies that roll to the side when we pick them up, like they've swallowed a little white bouncy-ball.

                      Watch them here: They squeak!



Valerie Kamikubo said...

They are so adorable! Seeing all that fur makes me think "Now I really want to learn to spin yarn!"
Blesings to all!

Sandra Oster said...

So adorable. They are already growing.

wheresurtreasure said...

Why do I have to be allergic and so far away...because i waaaant a black one! They are darling! just as sweet as can be! Mother and kits(?)Grandmother and Grand-God-mother (??) and all!