Monday, June 7, 2010

Some gardening advice

Perhaps we should plant more iris. (This one is still blooming its head off out back. I think it is called “Midnight.”) I received this rant from dear gardener daughter, Marsena, who read the last Notes From Toad Hall (Issue #2 2010) in which I likened Christ to Lilies of the Valley:

  "I beg of you, don't...I repeat...Do NOT plant any lily of the valley. You will regret it. If you've planted some already, rip them out now, before they have a chance to settle in. (I'm actually serious.) They smell wonderful and are lovely for a few weeks, but they are so invasive, you will hardly be able to believe it. And the berries get eaten by birds and you'll suddenly find them growing and killing your perennial beds on the other side of the house. If you plant them on the boulevard, the roots will travel under the sidewalk and pop up in your lawn. They're so invasive and their root system is so thick and goes so deep, they've killed hostas in my yard, not to mention countless bulbs and flowers. I was finally, after about four years, getting on top of them. But that was after hour and hours of work. And because there are a few beds of them where I left them to grow, I knew I'd be fighting them every season. Buy little bunches of them at the Farmer's Market and let someone else realize that in the yard, they are Satan's Spawn. Better yet, I WILL BUY you little bunches of them at the Farmer's Market. Seriously.”

I know metaphors and analogies fall short. Not that I wouldn’t welcome Jesus’ invasion into the heart of my rot. But I am aware that he does not do it in a way that chokes and obliterates self. Down to my heart and bones his love wants to change me to what I long to be – perfectly Margie. But we’re still a long way from Eden.

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