Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Putting it to good use

Just back today from Denis’ graduation from Covenant and a short side trip to a B&B for rest and celebration.

After looking for a coffee shop the last 250 miles, (WHAT is WITH the I-90 corridor in southern MN anyway?) we careened into Caribou’s for our drinks. Today the young woman behind the counter greeted us and asked where we’d been. When Denis told her he’d just graduated. In what? she wanted to know.
A Masters in theology.
And this was her loud and wide-eyed response:
That’s TOTALLY bonkers. That’s BONKERS!
You mean, like you could talk about polytheism and monotheism and all that stuff?
I MISSED Passover this year, I’m not Jewish, but I wanted to experience it. I’ve never been around Jewish people. I’m sort of INTERESTED in spiritual stuff.
So, could we get together some time and talk??
(Does she think we’re Jewish?)
I couldn’t stop laughing. Life is sometimes amusing and so bizarre. If I needed an excuse for my lattes, which I don’t, this would be it… we don’t just get caffeinated at the shop one block from our house we get to love the spirit-seeking, patchouli-reeking baristas, too.


Rebecca Brown said...

I love hearing stories like this. What a beautiful picture of God ordaining your day!

Kate said...

My husband graduated a year ago from Covenant with his D.Min. What a wonderful experience the graduation was. I am sure you were as blessed as we were. We drove down from East Central Minnesota, so we were quite excited to find a Panera Bread in Rochester. We also enjoyed eating breakfast in a very little and quaint French restaurant near the Covenant campus. Do you know the one I'm talking about? You would love it.

Margie Haack said...

Rebecca, I think that's it - ordaining the day. Sacred, but everyday.
Kate, so you're just a year out? I wasn't expecting graduation to be as special as it was. It moved us. I'm not sure of the French place. However, we do frequent a Japanese place on Olive Rd. and FeeFee (FeFe?) that makes great sushi and is mostly haunted by other Japanese. That I will miss. But it looks like Denis will be teaching a J term class there so they're not rid of us quite yet.

kate o. said...

love it. what a great response she had. when it comes out that omar is a pastor and that we both have seminary degrees, we usually just get a "huh..." and then a rambly sentence about how they used to go to church but are still spiritual in their own way. how great that she wanted to get together some time.

maybe caribou baristas are more into spiritual conversations than starbucks baristas ;)