Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chocolate limes and strawberry truffles.

If you’re ever in the D.C. area I recommend a confectionary shop: The Sugar Cube in Alexandria, Virginia. Not that I’ve been there. I think I’d remember, but these days I can’t be sure. I shared this little box equally with Anita who, after all purchased them and brought them back from D.C. The swirly truffle, we carefully cut in half with a sharp knife. Denis was lucky to get one – the caramel chocolate truffle sitting in the middle of the plate – he just doesn’t gush enough about chocolates to deserve more. Sugar Cube’s exquisite truffles are made without artificial flavors or preservatives using real fruit puree, fine chocolate, coffee and liquors. Owners, Kim and Alyssa Theodore, make the most adorable edible art. I don’t like lime in candy of any kind. Yuck. But that gorgeous green and yellow shell won me over. And look at the beautiful strawberry truffle! It’s interesting that in the current economic climate they’ve found a niche for their passionate love of candies after leaving careers in the publishing business and art.

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