Friday, January 22, 2010

Image of God

I’ve seen this (perhaps you have, too): Two young children, perhaps siblings sitting side by side, engrossed, in their own space and tiny world, coloring, braiding a doll’s hair, rolling a train engine on a track, imitating an adult activity. One of them reaches for something in the other’s space. The sibling who’s space has been invaded moves the thing away – “that is mine.”  The invader is angered because she’s didn’t get what she wanted and clocks or bites her sibling hard, who cries and does a little (not even a big) pay-back, perhaps a neck squeeze or a push. The initial transgressor is completely undone by this and has a complete melt-down – I’ve been wronged. If you go here you can watch these two babies at the beginning of this movie trailer. Isn’t this, in a way, a powerful and charming affirmation of our common humanity across cultures – the universal challenge of getting along in community? These two babies are less than a year old. And look at what they’re playing at! Pounding maize on a metate?! Modeling their mothers! Why am I so delighted? This has made my day and I can’t wait for the film to be released in April.

Note Sufjan Stevens on the sound track. "The Perpetual Self"
Thanks to Shaun LaRose for alerting me to this.


Eden said...

Wow, and the "older-sibling-suffering-for-the-younger-sibling's-sins" seems to be a global pattern too! Of course it's always the younger ones who make such a big deal out of a little slap, when they're the ones who did the first wrong! :)

Margie Haack said...

Eden...indeed! We suffer. We forebear. We're nearly perfect.

jenni said...

This looks amazing! Cannot wait to see it.