Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Hudson

Today our plans were ruined by Ahmadinejad. Well sort of. Circle Line must have known as we headed up the Hudson past the Statue, Ground Zero toward the UN Building that we’d be turned back by the Coast Guard because of high security. We had decided to take the three hour harbor cruise around the island of Manhattan. I liked that. Getting the Big Picture. Well, Big-ger. Sometimes I’m handicapped by little parts. I like Big Pictures, that’s why when we see a Miramax movie, I always poke Denis and say, I like that when the skyline of Manhattan lights up.

I’ve never been close to the Statue and like a lot of things in real life she’s bigger and more beautiful. As we approached the United Nations we could see that all along the river the East highway had been shut down, and then a smallish boat with a gun mounted on its bow approached to turn us back. I said she didn’t look very threatening could we just go on, but John pointed out she had a lot of friends with bigger guns who could be there in seconds and who were. Capable of. To get in our three hours of paid tour the captain back-tracked and took us the other way up to the north end of Manhattan where, due to the Rockefellers having purchased all the land, you can get an idea of the green hills and palisades that used to exist that Henry Hudson fell in love with centuries ago. We also passed the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge and John told us that his grandmother used to live just up the hill and swam there as a young woman.

John just looked up Ahmadinejad’s speech and if you didn’t have a context for him and his words, you could agree with quite a bit of it.Very weird.


Jessie said...

You are in my home! I LOVE the skyline, too. All day yesterday, I felt like walking out on my relationship with this city until I happened to be on the expressway last night when the sun was going down and the city lights were just beginning to twinkle on...and just the sight of it made me say, "okay, yes, I do love you, and I'll stay just a little longer."

Sorry your trip got re-routed, but I do love that upper Hudson region, too. Funny I always think about how it must have been for the explorers, as well. And if they could only see it now...what would they think? I've heard things are super crazy all over Manhattan this week due to UN proceedings...hope you guys can get in what you want! If you need to get away to Brooklyn, though, then I'm your girl. And really, in case you don't know, Brooklyn is the HEART of NYC! Enjoy!

Margie Haack said...

Brooklyn, huh? It's good to love home. Wherever it is, don't you think? We are staying with friends in Cos Cob. A nice distance. I'm cultivating an interior life today. But I still feel the energy of nyc pulsing. Soon will venture back by train, track down a theater, see an exhibit, eat a dirty water dog. Maybe.
Nice to look out and know there are those like you who live and bless this place.