Friday, April 17, 2009

Rare Night

Last Saturday night was a oner. Treat night in St. Paul. There is a life there even if people on the coasts aren’t aware of it and so what if we can’t figure out who will be our next senator. The evening was more than we would have allowed ourselves, timid and beggarly as we are… But it was a gift. I’ve been saying “thank you” all week.

Dinner at The Meritage – a Frenchy sort of open, warm upscale café with a great menu. I probably embarrassed our hosts by taking a pic of everything (it looked and tasted great) we ordered. But I’d like to think that’s why the chef came out and talked to us. Maybe he thought I was a critic (I am, but not of that).

Favorite dish: an “Amusement. Tiny Tuna Tartar Taco. Just one leetle, leetle taco with marinated raw tuna. About two bites. Was uncomfortable with name - reminded me of the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. And later I thought, no, that’s not what our evening was about. It was about being alive. It was about pushing back loneliness. Enjoying friendship, creativity, appreciating the art of, having a taste of what’s to come.

My entree, the Scottish Organic Salmon en Sous Vide looked as if it leapt from a pond of green algae (pureed spinach, yogurt, and baby artichoke). Yes, possible to eat without teeth. Mmmm.

Dessert: A molten chocolate cake with salty caramel ice cream. Nice contrasts.

Then we walked to the Ordway for a production of Grey Gardens. It’s best not to think too much about Musicals before hand; I just don’t
lalalala when I’m opening a can of soup….but once you get settled and let the story take you, which can happen when the right ingredients coalesce … it did take us. It’s based on the lives of two women related to Jackie Kennedy - was alternately hilarious and heartbreaking. And tonight at 8 pm (April 18) HBO airs the film with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang Btw, there’s also an older documentary based on their lives available through netflix.

After the play Ron suggested the Artists Quarter where a good jazz trio was playing. It was up to me. Who often goes to bed early. I’m not sayin’ how early. But I still had chocolate in my veins when we entered a dark club where people were quietly enjoying the music. I’m po’ly educated in jazz, but I liked it, especially the bass player who was the same size and shape of his instrument, and who you could tell loved it very much.

I’d do it again, but not for awhile. Stay up that late. Share it with friends.
Cram it all in.
Lent is over.


Debbie said...

Sounds like a delightful evening!

jenni said...

What a fun night! And your meal was purty.

Hannah said...

My sister Abby has just been accepted to the U of MN law school and you've been listed by Meg as a pro (vs con) of living in Minnesota. From what she's gathering, she's excited about the cultural opportunities of the Twin Cities. (Still waiting on a response from the U of CO, though, which could be a dealbreaker).