Saturday, August 16, 2008


We went on a walk last evening and I said, “Let’s go down the alleys.”

Denis wondered, “Why?”

I say, “Well, so we can raid backyard gardens, tease pit bulls, and climb on little kids playhouses, what do you think? Because it’s more interesting than the street – that’s why.” Of course, I forgot we’d be passing Hollyhocks.

Every time we pass Hollyhocks, I promise you, every, every time, Denis says,
“I love Hollyhocks. I’ve always loved Hollyhocks. I’ve asked you again and again to plant them and you never have.”

I just roll my eyes and remind him ONE more time: “I DID plant them. The bugs ate them every year.” Man, could someone please get him a package of hollyhock seeds for his birthday, and he can plant them himself?

Actually, I don’t REALLY mind. I know he loves them because they remind him of his Grandma Haack who raised them when he was a little boy. She grew enormous hollyhocks, sort of matching her enormous love for her grandchildren. I remember the one time I met her, right after we were engaged, and she crushed me into her large, soft bosom. She smelled like peonies and fresh corn. We didn’t know she wouldn’t live much longer.


Beckye said...

I agree with Denis! Just looking at the picture of them reminds me of my grandmother! :D She raised all kinds of flowers in the tough West Texas dirt. She was an extravagant lover of her grands, too. :D Those old flowers bring back lots of good memories and feelings. Such a simple thing to bring someone such good feelings just by seeing them. Keep tryin' despite the bugs! lol

jenni said...

Marriage is full of repeat conversations for sure, at least around here. And your last paragraph is beautiful.

Bonnie said...

I just harvested my hollyhock. I t wa the only one that grew last year and is actually beginning to multiply! I could send you some seeds? I love that they were bright and tall overlooking my tomatoes start to grow. Now they are dried up and the tomatoes are finishing their glorious ripening.The season in a backyard garden!


Margie Haack said...

beckye, grandmothers are capable of passing on way more than their genes. so lovely.
jenni, yes, so true. it could almost be a book, Repeated Conversations.
bonnie, if you have a few, like ten, even? We should TRY again!